Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Not to Do and Say if Approached or Detained by the Police

Dealing with law enforcement officers is not always a negative experience. An officer may approach or detain you in order to assist you, gather facts about a recent crime, or eliminate you as a possible suspect.

Unfortunately, a pleasant conversation can quickly become strained or even dangerous if the police think your statements or actions are questionable. How long the officer detains you may depend on what you say and do.

Some tips for dealing with the police

Los Angeles criminal law attorneys
provide tips to protect your rights and avoid making statements that harm your situation. If the police stop you, they may become suspicious or feel in danger if you:

Act uncooperative before you learn the reason the police stopped you
Argue, act, or speak angrily
Fail to mention any weapons you may have on you or in your vehicle
Get out of the car without the officer telling you to
Make any sudden movements
Move your hands out of sight
Threaten the officer

If you have been in a situation like the one mentioned above, it would be ideal to reach out to a criminal defense law firm who knows how to get you the help you need in the time of your distress.

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