Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Philadelphia Child Support Litigation

Getting the Help You Need

Providing information on getting the help you need for your child support legal matters, including lawsuit and litigation cases. Reach out to a Philadelphia child custody attorney today if you need help with your case.

Lawsuits – they don’t have to be overwhelming

Lawsuits are difficult enough to pursue in circumstances where few emotions are involved. So, when it comes to the highly-charged issue of child support, litigation can quickly become emotionally taxing. If you have custody of your child and need support in order to feed, clothes, and otherwise care for him/her, you may be overwhelmed by the thought of having to file a lawsuit in order to collect what is owed to you by law. You need the help of an attorney experienced in Philadelphia child support laws with for advice and to help you file court papers, schedule appearances, and vigorously litigate on your behalf. You need a law firm to provide advice, support, and advocacy throughout the entire lawsuit proceedings.

Litigation – works both ways

On the other side, if you were ordered to pay child support, but now find yourself unemployed, you also have the right to expert assistance. You could be facing expensive litigation as your spouse pursues support payments, as well as collection threats that may put your very freedom as risk. In the event of a lawsuit, you need an attorney to plead your case and request a reduction or other modification to the original court-ordered child support decree.

Advocacy for your Child...and You

Whatever your child support issues, contact an attorney today. Although you want someone experienced with child support and family law, if you are going through litigation it would be ideal to find someone who is also an experienced criminal attorney in Philadelphia or in your area who knows how to fight to get the justice you deserve. No matter which side of a lawsuit you are on, you need someone who can offer experienced and vigorous advocacy on your behalf as we guide you through the particulars of the litigation process.

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